You are making games.
We’ll sell them at the best prices.

The Magic Drummer is an AI-based algorithm which will automatically find the best places to sell your game keys. We don’t only know what’s going on now – our magic algorithm also predicts how platforms and prices will develop in the near future.

Sell at the highest prices,
automatically found
by our algorithm

Distribute your game keys
on the most thriving
international platforms

The Magic Drummer is made
by gaming industry
experts and AI-cracks

Analyzing Platforms
& Prices

The Magic Drummer analyzes all relevant platforms for trading game keys.
Our Algorithm finds the best places to sell games.


The Magic Drummer sells game keys to marketplaces at the best prices. Without any effort – everything works automatically.

Predicting Price

Our AI-powered algorithm analyzes Thousands of price-data from all over the world. Thanks to big-data (we call it the »magic stuff«) our Drummer knows, which platforms will be relevant and how the prices will develop.

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